PCC Judging

The Personalized Chevrolet Chapter of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America has developed its PCC Judging Guidelines (and accompanying Judging Forms).

PCC Judging currently offers two levels of certification. Vehicles scoring 901 to 950 points are granted a Junior award and vehicles scoring over 950 points (951 – 1000) are granted a Senior award.

The judging philosophy was based on discussions with VCCA members and with members of clubs that judge modified vehicles. The determination of awards is based solely on the vehicle’s condition. Thus only restored vehicles that are at or near “show” condition would be contenders for PCC awards (as is the case for VCCA Class judging).

In PCC Judging, the process is that each vehicle starts with a 1000 point total, with points deducted for quality/condition issues much in the same manner as VCCA class judging. The main difference is that personalized class judging does not deduct points for any “incorrect” features. If no deductions are made for quality issues, the vehicle would retain all 1000 points.

Over time these guidelines will be updated to reflect the feedback received by those members using them for PCC judging. As these guidelines and/or the judging form are updated, the date of issue will be provided in the document footer. The latest version will be posted here on the PCC website.

PCC Judging Forms and Presentations

  • To download the Guidelines for PCC Class Judging, click here.
  • To download the PCC Class Detailed Judging Forms, click here.
  • To download the PCC Class Judging Seminar Presentation Slides, click here.

To view the PCC Class Judging Seminar Video Presentation, click below:

PCC Participation Presentation

To view a presentation by Ron Marcaino, PCC Director, click below: